Participation in your local prosecutor's' Bad Check Program (the Program) is easy and offers superior recovery rates compared with any other alternative. Prior to participation in the program, victims (businesses or individuals) must notify the check writer and extend the opportunity to make the check good before being submitted to the Program.

If the check writer fails to repay the check during a sufficient time frame the check can then be forwarded to the Program.

Participation in the Program does not require any contractual commitments on behalf of the victims. It is a public service provided by your local prosecutor at no cost or obligation.

At a Glance

  • No-cost to you or taxpayers
  • 100% of recovered restitution is returned to you
  • Applicable statutory fees recovered are returned to you
  • Check writer attends and pays for a financial accountability class
  • Re-offending rate is as low as 2%
  • No contractual commitment is required
  • Participating in the Program is simple and easy